Is your website up to speed?

The Core Web Vitals update has been completed, and it can be summarised in one word: Speed.

Speed kills, and if your site is slow, you’re dead.

We have seen sites that have tanked after this update, all because their website is too slow for Google’s new algorithm’s.

A slow site that isn’t getting on Page 1 means no visitors, so no leads, and eventually, no business...

For the savvy business owner who is ready to take action, there is a massive opportunity to leapfrog your competitors, take their rankings, and get onto Page 1 of Google for your keywords.

Our Site Speed Audit has been designed to take a slow, sluggish, underperforming site and give it the clean up it needs to hit new heights.


We took one of our client’s websites from this:

To this:

Their rankings started improving that day...

The Core SEO Audit includes:

Site speed optimisation
Largest Contentful Paint time
First Input Delay optimisation
Cumulative Layout Shift optimisation
“Safe-browsing” (basically, not having malware on your page)
Checking for intrusive ads

For just $497 you can buy not only peace of mind that your website, and indeed your business, are up to speed - but you also give yourself the best opportunity to rocket up the rankings and over your competitors who may not be as forward-thinking as you...